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Response paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 15

Reaction paper - Essay Example She, accordingly, realizes a distinction in all the organizations she works. In this angle, she has been alluded to as a determined worker as she for the most part feels peruser for any open door that is introduced before her. As the Levendary cafã © wishes to move its activity to China, it is significant for her as the Chief Executive Officer to understand that China is an alternate nation with an unexpected culture in comparison to that of America. She does it well by considering the bistros that work in china (Bartlett and Han). She ought to oversee Louis Chen, who is the countryman chief in China and the company’s auxiliary in China utilizing a similar system. The main changes she should make is to join the social nourishments that are well known in china and offer some administration considerations to the indigenous individuals. These progressions will assist auxiliary bistros with growing quick in China since they will feel Levendary turns out to be a piece of Chinese

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A Comparison of Vengeance in Electra, The Bacchae and Frankenstein Essa

Retribution in Electra, The Bacchae and Frankenstein   â in this day and age, retribution is still in presence, rising underneath our quiet exterior, hanging tight for the impetus it needs to loosen up. Proof can be seen right now in the responses of the American individuals towards Bin Laden. He decimated such huge numbers of lives, and now, there is most likely not one American that would not love to get their moment alone with him. The American individuals need to hurt him the manner in which he and his devotees hurt their kindred Americans, their family. This want retribution is totally Dionysian and is found in more than one composed work.  Electra is soaked with the Dionysian journey for retaliation that wins likewise in The Bacchae. It is found again in Frankenstein, a work rising over with wrathful passings. This Dionysian interest for retaliation is completed on family guilty parties, regardless of whether they are of the family being referred to or not. Dionysus, an individual from Cadmus' family, causes the passing of his cousin Pentheus. Pentheus submits a savage misstep when he denies Dionysus as a divine being and endeavors to catch him, subsequently summoning the fierceness of Dionysus. This is a similar sort of retaliation found in Electra's family. In Electra's family, in the event that one submits a family offense, a ceaseless pattern of the Dionysian rule of retribution results: retaliation takes point of reference over family ties, in this way spurning them. With Victor Frankenstein and his beast, the standard is additionally grinding away, however it exists for every one of them because of the other.  This guideline is naturally introduced to Electra's family well before her own catastrophes come to pass. It starts with the children of Pelops and the entirety of the infidelity and murder in the current style that happen in that part of Electra's family ancestry. Be that as it may, this..., is to strike out at the individuals who look for or have hurt us, and to crush them in any methods conceivable. Have confidence that if any Americans are engaged with the Bin Laden undertaking, that the hunger for retribution on them will be overwhelming. The Dionysian guideline of retribution is still especially alive, prowling beneath the surface, sitting tight for the support it needs to break free.  Works Cited C.K. Williams,The Bacchae Of Euripides (New Version)New York: Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2000 Sophocles Electra New York: Dover Publications Inc., 1995 Mary Shelley, Frankenstein New York: Dover Publications Inc., 1994 Hedge Speaks From Oval Office Receptacle Laden Has Nowhere To Run - Nowhere To Hide, The House of Atreus after week/aa110497.htm

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Preparation Tips For Academic Papers

Preparation Tips For Academic PapersPapers for the academic examination are more important than ever. They are being prepared and graded in an effort to secure a high-ranking grade in the course, but the preparation of these papers is not an easy task. There are many people who are already flocking to the internet to access online education so that they can begin preparing for the paper exam early.You may be wondering why you should prepare for your paper before the exam. There are several reasons to do so. One is to ensure that you do not have any complications on the day of the examination. These papers are more serious than the usual examinations that you are used to preparing for.Moreover, these papers are intended to test your skills and knowledge of subjects. You need to prepare for these papers in such a way that you can focus more on those aspects which are most critical. If you allow the pressure to get the better of you, then it will only be too late to recover and the scor e you have earned will not be as impressive as you might have hoped.What are some of the preparations you can do for your paper? There are various methods and techniques that you can use to prepare for your paper. These include:The internet. You can access lots of information online on different subjects or topics. All these information are readily available. However, if you cannot find what you need in the net, you can always try visiting libraries and reading books and magazines.Don't overlook the many audio and video materials available. Many of these are for free, which makes them very useful. These can be done at home or in the office without having to worry about the time and money required to acquire them.You can also drawon your personal experience. This is perhaps the most effective preparation method, especially if you have past experience in the same subject or in a related area. You can refer to your experiences to help you learn from your mistakes. This will be especial ly helpful when you fail the test and are embarrassed and have doubts about your answers.Academic papers are important in the life of a student. It is important that you give yourself the best chance to get a good grade so that you can enter university and earn good grades.

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A Dolls House Character Study Mrs. Kristine Linde

Of all the characters in Ibsens classic drama A Doll’s House, Mrs. Kristine Linde serves as the most functional in terms of plot development. It is as though Henrik Ibsen was writing Act One and wondering, â€Å"How will I let the audience know the inner thoughts of my protagonist? I know! I’ll introduce an old friend, and Nora Helmer can then reveal everything!†Ã‚  Because of her function, any actress playing the role of Mrs. Linde will be doing a great deal of attentive listening. At times, Mrs. Linde functions as a convenient device for exposition. She enters Act One as an almost forgotten friend, a lonely widow seeking a job from Nora’s husband. Nora does not spend much time listening to Mrs. Linde’s troubles; rather selfishly, Nora discusses how excited she is about Torvald Helmer’s recent success. Mrs. Linde says to Nora, â€Å"You haven’t known much trouble or hardship in your own life.† Nora tosses her head defiantly and struts to the other side of the room. Then, she launches into a dramatic explanation of all her secret activities (obtaining a loan, saving Torvald’s life, paying off her debt). Mrs. Linde is more than a sounding board; she offers opinions about Nora’s questionable actions. She warns Nora of her flirtation with Dr. Rank. She also raises questions about Nora’s lengthy speeches. Changing the Outcome of the Story In Act Three, Mrs. Linde becomes more pivotal. It turns out that she long ago had a romantic tryst with Nils Krogstad, the man attempting to blackmail Nora. She rekindles their relationship and inspires Krogstad to amend his wicked ways. It could be argued that this happy coincidence is not terribly realistic. However, Ibsen’s third act is not about Nora’s conflict with Krogstad. It is about the dismantling of illusions between a husband and wife. Therefore, Mrs. Linde conveniently removes Krogstad from the role of villain. Yet, she still decides to meddle. She insists that â€Å"Helmer must know everything. This unhappy secret must come out!† Even though she has the power to change Krogstad’s mind, she uses her influence to make certain that Nora’s secret is discovered. Ideas for Discussion When teachers discuss Mrs. Linde in class, it is interesting to gauge the students’ reactions to Mrs. Linde. Many believe that she should mind her own business, while others feel that a true friend will intervene in the same way Mrs. Linde does. Despite some of the perfunctory qualities of Mrs. Linde, she does provide a striking thematic contrast. Many view Ibsen’s play as an assault on the traditional institution of marriage. Yet, in Act Three Mrs. Linde happily celebrates her return to domesticity: Mrs. Linde: (Tidies the room a little and gets her hat and coat ready.) How things changes! How things change! Somebody to work for†¦ to live for. A home to bring happiness into. Just let me get down to it. Notice how, ever the caretaker, she cleans up while daydreaming about her new life as Krogstad’s wife. She is ecstatic about her newly revived love. In the end, perhaps Mrs. Kristine Linde balances Nora’s impetuous and ultimately independent nature.

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Helping Mother By Shundalya Robinson - 834 Words

Helping Mother by: Shundalya Robinson Liyah has been living with her mother a very long time. She and her mother had been living in the country inside a trailer. They had been struggling buying food, paying the bills, and buying things for the house. Liyah wants to get a job and help her mother out. 1 month later, Liyah had gotten a job at Wild Aventures to help her mother out. Liyah. Liyah is 16 years old now; she go to school at Valdosta High School , and her best friend name is Jahmiya. They have been friends for 6 years now. â€Å" Liyah is at school gettting her work did , and heading to work at 3:00†. â€Å" Tick, Tick,Tick,Tick, the clock went ,ring, ring the bell went â€Å". She ran out of school and went straight to work. Liyah is a lifeguard ( save people out of water when they are drowning). Liyah gets paid tomorrow and she’s gonna give her mother her pay check to help out with some bills and stuff. â€Å" After work Liyah met with her best friend Jahmiyaâ€Å". â€Å" I miss you bestfriend , said Jahmiya†. â€Å" I miss you more best friend said Liyah†. â€Å" ughh I have so much to tell you , said Liyah†. â€Å" okay go , said Jahmiya†. â€Å" okay best friend you know how my mother has been struggling; well not anymore because i got a job at Wild Aventures , and im giving her my whole pay check everytime i get paid ,so what u think? â€Å" Jahmiya commentary on that , and said something that

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The Civil Service Reform Act - 1446 Words

This paper explains the history of federal employee labor relations and the personnel system, along with an analysis of the most recent developments in the Civil Service Reform Act. The first section of the paper explain the importance of the civil services reform and how the ideology, electoral competition and political power gain forces political parties to make changes in policies and introduced reforms. In the next section I shed some light on early reform of 19th century in the United States. With the help of the 1996 Georgia Statues, I explain the radical civil services reforms, union busting and at will employment and highlights how â€Å"radical† civil service reform swept the United States and increase the number of at-will employees. Furthermore, the paper also signifies the merit system and ongoing challenges in civil services reform since the founding of the United States. In last section the paper give some reflection on current civil services condition and spe culate about the future of civil services reforms. Introduction: Governments across the United States have made several reforms in the civil services due to change in political and fiscal circumstances. Typically those reforms are in awake of the social, political and economic trends with in the government and its affiliated agencies. Nobody can deny the importance of the bureaucratic system and the work they perform on all level of the society. For the same reasons this bureaucratic system has deepShow MoreRelatedEssay about George Washington Plunkitt of Tammany Hall720 Words   |  3 Pagesto help the Tammany supporters. Plunkitts main complaint was against civil service examinations, but in his talks he also instructed young men how to be successful in politics by examining human nature and doing as e had done. The curse of civil service reform to George W. Plunkitt was that patriotic young men could not get jobs without passing the civil service examinations. Plunkitts objections about civil service reform are two fold, not only could young men not get the jobs without passingRead MoreComparative Public Administration1500 Words   |  6 Pagesinterdisciplinary, explanatory field of study which carries out cross-cultural investigations in order to provide solutions for management problems sooner and develop management technologies further. It is no accident that the field focuses upon growth, reform and capacity building since Comparative Public Administration is in many ways about identifying those best practices which promote the most desirable organizational structures and processes. This idealistic goal involves finding functional patternsRead MoreWhy Did The Europeans Leave For The Us?1121 Words   |  5 PagesChinese arrived. Many helped build the nation’s railroads. immigration was limited by a congressional act in 1882. 1884: Hawaiian planters could recruit Japanese workers. Emigration boom. Opportunity Q. What immigrants came from the west indies and Mexico? E. 1. 260,000 immigrants arrived. 2. Jobs were scarce 3. Industrial boom in the US seemed to promise work.’ 4. 1902 National Reclamation Act: created new farmland and drew Mexicans in. Encouraged the irrigation of arid land. Q. What was lifeRead MorePublic Personnel Administration And Collective Bargaining875 Words   |  4 PagesPublic Personnel Administration and Collective Bargaining. In chapter five, the author retrospectively revises the roots of the various reforms applied to managing human capital in the public sector. Since 1789 there have been three comprehensive periods that divide the progress of personnel practice in the United States. 1- The era of the â€Å"gentlemen† that occurred from 1789 until 1828. This era began with President Washington’s first administration and ended with the appointment of President JacksonRead MoreThe President Of The United States1864 Words   |  8 Pageslimited the president s ability to control the bureaucracy was cemented in 1883 with the Pendleton Civil Service Reform Act, which created the United States Civil Service Commission to enforce the regulations declared by the act; before being superseded by the Office of Personal Management, and the Merit Systems Protections Board with the passing of the Civil Service Reform Act of 1978. This act declared that positions within the federal government were to be awarded on the basis of merit, andRead MoreCritical Thinking Essay3477 Words   |  14 Pages121 should rebut the Governor’s proposed privatization of the DMV information systems management function â€Å"as an unfair management practice† that will lead to APEU members losing their jobs in a manner which â€Å"violates the principles of the Pendleton Act of 1883 â€Å"which stipulates that government jobs be awarded on the basis of merit and made it illegal to arbitrarily and capriciously fire or demote government employees† (Milestone Documents, n.d.) Step 2: What are the reasons? (Browne amp; KeeleyRead MoreThe Civil Service And Performance System1366 Words   |  6 Pagesand merit are important in the civil service (496). The contemporary civil service cultivated an ethic of civil service pursuant where the servants were expected to act by their subjective responsibilities (Thompson, 2006, 498). In Thompson s (2006) view, deinstitutionalization is happening in the civil service institution (500). Thompson (2006) speaks of civil service reforms about performance and merit. In his argument, the discussions of the civil service reforms have been dominated by managerialRead MoreThe Homeland Security Act Of 20021562 Words   |  7 PagesThe Homeland security act of 2002, was a major reconstruction of civil services in the United States of America, which had not happened since the passing of the Civil Service Reform act of 1978 (Brook King, 2007). Over the period of 24 years, minor modifications of civil service reform were established. The events that took place during the September 11 terrorist attacks would once more restructure the United States civil services. George H W Bush proclaimed in his state of the union addressRead More Ulysses S Grant Essay1572 Words   |  7 Pagesdeclined as well, it nevertheless continues to win him a steady following. Even his most faithful admirers, however, tend to end their studies conveniently at Appomattox, and one senses a wide regret that Grants public career extended beyond the Civil War. Taking note of this trend, John Y. Simon observes that some biographers seem to have wished that Grant had accepted Lincolns invitation to Fords Theatre on the night the president was shot- the night that John Wilkes Booth had intended toRead More The Gilded Age Essays1610 Words   |  7 Pagesinflation and make southern farmers’ debts easier to pay. A minor tariff reduction passed in 1894 under the anti-tariff Democrat, Grover Cleveland was the Wilson-Gorman Tariff. Although the Supreme Court fou nd it unconstitutional, part of the Wilson-Gorman Act also established an income tax. After failing to secure a low tariff, the Populists and the Democrats increasingly looked to Free Silver. Many industrialists said that they gave to charities and set up foundations for the poor people in the society

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International Finance Strategies and Competitive

Question: Discuss about the International Finance for Strategies and Competitive. Answer: Introduction: In the given case, Pomo Ltd expects to receive payment of S$800000.00 in one-year time. The one-year forward rate is $0.76. The forward contract hedge is calculated by multiplying the forward rates with the currency receivable. Calculation of Forward Contract hedge Particulars Amount Payment receivable (Singapore $) $ 800,000.00 Forward Rate $ 0.76 Forward contract hedge $ 608,000.00 Table 1: Forward Contract hedge (Source: Created by Author) Money market Hedge The money market hedge is a three-step process. The first step is that the company will take a loan from a bank in Singapore at the interest rate of 7% per annum. The maximum amount of loan that the US Company can borrow from a bank in Singapore is S$747664. The calculations are given below: Calculation of Maximum loan amount (Singapore dollar) Particulars Amount Payment receivable $ 800,000.00 Interest rate 7% Maximum Loan Amount $ 747,664 Table 2: Maximum loan Amount (Source: created by Author) The second step is to convert the loan amount from Singapore currency to American currency at the spot rate of $0.74. The loan amount comes to $553271. The calculation is given below: Calculation showing conversion of loan to US dollar Particulars Amount Loan Amount $ 747,664 Spot Rate $ 0.74 Loan Amount in US dollar $ 553,271 Table 3: Conversion of Loan (Source: Created by Author) The third step is to deposit the amount in bank for earning interest at the rate of 9%. If the amount is remained invested in American bank for one year, the total amount received is $603605.00. Calculation of Amount Receivable at the end of one year Particulars Amount Deposited Amount $ 553,271 Interest rate 9% Interest Amount $ 49,794 Total Amount received $ 603,065 Table 4: Amount received (Source: created by Author) The customer in Singapore settles the loan amount at the end of one-year period. The total cash inflow from the money market hedge is $603065.00. The exercise price of put option is US$0.77 and the premium payable for put option is $0.04. The put option hedge is $584000.00. The calculation is give below: Calculation of Put Option Hedge Particulars Amount Payment receivable (Singapore amount) $ 800,000.00 Exercise price $ 0.77 Option premium $ 0.04 Net receivable (US) $ 0.73 Amount receivable (US) $ 584,000.00 Table 5: Put option hedge (Source: Created by Author) In foreign currency, transaction there is a risk of foreign exchange fluctuation that might cause loss. In such a situation, the company has two options either to undertake hedging or not to hedge the position (Bartram et al., 2013). If the company does not hedge its position then it will have to receive payment based on the future spot. The statement showing probability and the amount that is receivable to the company with no hedge position is given below: Amount receivable in no hedge position Probability Future Spot Rate Amount Receivable (Singapore) Amount Receivable (America) 20% 0.75 $ 800,000.00 $ 600,000.00 30% 0.77 $ 800,000.00 $ 616,000.00 50% 0.81 $ 800,000.00 $ 648,000.00 Table 6: Amount receivable no hedge position (Source: Created by Author) The above table shows that there is huge fluctuation in receivable. In order to reduce the risk it is important to hedge the position. The optimal hedge is that which reduces the loss. The best hedging strategy is selected based on the cash flow received. The cash inflow in forward contract hedge is $608000.00, in money market hedge, the cash inflow is $603065.00 and in put option hedge, the cash inflow is $584000.00. As the inflow of cash in the forward contract hedge is maximum so this hedging strategy should be selected. Profit/ (Notional loss) on Hedge Particular Probability 20% Probability 50% Probability 30% Forward Contract Hedge $ 608,000.00 $ 608000 $ 608000 Amount Receivable (America) $ 600,000.00 $ 616,000.00 $ 648,000.00 Profit/(Notional loss) $ 8,000.00 $ (8,000.00) $ (40,000.00) Table 7: Profit/ (Notional loss) on Hedge (Source: Created by Author) The table shows that the there is a 20% probability that hedging will save the company $80000.00. There is a 50% probability that the amount received is $608000.00 so there is a notional loss of $8000.00. There is a 30% probability that the amount received is $648000.00 so there is a notional loss of $40000.00 if the company opts for hedging. The Multi National Companies as Pomo Limited does hedging in order to reduce or limit the losses arising from international transactions involving foreign exchange. The Multinational Corporations has operations in different countries but the currency of different countries does not move in the same trend at the same time. In order to mitigate this risk the MNC usually applies hedging strategies (Dong et al., 2014). The hedging strategies are used as an operational or financial risk management strategy. The success of hedging strategies can be assessed after determining the effect it has on the objective of mitigating risk and increasing the value of the shareholders (Kroencke et al., 2014). In the hypothesis developed by Modigliani and Miller in 1958, it was established that financial policies of the company does not have any impact on the value of the company. The theory also found that if the financial market is efficient then the hedging activity does not increase the value of the company. On the other hand, if some the hypotheses are relaxed then it is possible to show that the hedging increases the value of the firm. The companies risk management has developed many theories and one of them is optimal hedging theories (Stulz, 2013). The over hedging is a term used if a position is hedged to such an extent that it ceases to be profitable. On the basis of the above discussion it can be seen that as per the Modigliani and Miller Theorem hedging does not influence the value of the firm further and the over hedging defeats the very purpose of entering into the transaction. Therefore, it can be concluded that over hedging can negatively influence the financial position of the company so it should be avoided (Mancini et al., 2013). Reference Bartram, S. M., Burns, N., Helwege, J. (2013). Foreign currency exposure and hedging: Evidence from foreign acquisitions.The Quarterly Journal of Finance,3(02), 1350010. Dong, L., Kouvelis, P., Su, P. (2014). Operational hedging strategies and competitive exposure to exchange rates.International Journal of Production Economics,153, 215-229. Kroencke, T. A., Schindler, F., Schrimpf, A. (2014). International diversification benefits with foreign exchange investment styles.Review of Finance,18(5), 1847-1883. Mancini, L., Ranaldo, A., Wrampelmeyer, J. (2013). Liquidity in the foreign exchange market: Measurement, commonality, and risk premiums.The Journal of Finance,68(5), 1805-1841. Stulz, R. M. (2013). How companies can use hedging to create shareholder value.Journal of Applied Corporate Finance,25(4), 21-29.